Please come by our bar 

"If life gives you lemons..."

Despite our love for making lemonade, or hearty stocks from scratch, that's not primarily why we do what we do. It's really all about serving delicious food to lots of satisfied guests.  But doing that is very hard right now – and we've been struggling with keeping both the restaurant and the bar open, considering we depend a lot on the events, fairs and trade shows that usually go on right down the street. But we also want to act responsibly: To follow the government guidelines on how to limit the spread of Covid-19 to the best of our abilities. So, rather than pushing through a headwind while fighting an uphill battle, we're going to take a breather. For both the restaurant and the bar. A break to help us refocus our energy, and gather inspiration. To try out new ideas both in the kitchen and behind the bar – and to plan for the future. To use this time for something positive – so that when we reach the other side of this situation we'll be a strong, fresh and active part of the Gothenburg restaurant scene. Both as an employer, but even more so for you – our guests.  We're metaphorically putting a tasty stock on the slow simmer – or well, making some lemonade. 

So following the last service of the season on Wednesday the 29th of April, we'll be closing down for the summer. But we'll be back in the spring 2021. Energized, inspired – and stronger. 

If we haven't said it before: We're incredibly grateful for all the support you've provided. All of you – regulars and new guests alike. We hope you'll drop by for a last drink or dinner before we close down for the summer. And this is definitely not a good bye – but a see you again soon!

The Dinner We Do Best

We put our soul into luscious meat and sauces that you’ll remember. So we proudly offer locally sourced meat, and in addition - sustainable game meat the majority of the year.

The sauces are uncompromisingly made from scratch, whether it is our hand-beaten bearnaise or our sauces made from stock that has slowly intensified for days. The menu has been developed over time together with our guests. That’s why popular dishes such as the rib eye from Dalsjöfors, the blackened tuna with citrus flavoured risotto and the PDO and MSC certified Swedish delicacy “Caviar of Kalix” have all earned their permanent place.

No matter the dish, you should always leave here satisfied and satiated, with a memory that brings you back. When the winter months arrive we serve more game meat and full-bodied flavours accordingly to season, just as when our outdoor seating blossoms in early spring, you can expect fresh, summer favourites on the menu.

For Special Occasions

For those extra special moments we have our private dining room - our chambré séparée - for parties up to eight people.

In a secluded and atmospheric setting you can gather friends for your own celebration, catch up with family, or get together for a business meeting. The menu is the same but the only ones there aside from your party, are us - taking care of you and making sure you have everything you might need.

If you’re a larger party, or just prefer to be a part of the buzzing restaurant we’ll of course sort that out for you. Either right in the middle of it all, or in a cosy corner – whichever you prefer.

For booking requests contact us on

Our Cocktail Bar Drinks20

Next door you’ll find our cocktail bar Drinks20. Have a sneaky start to the evening with a pre-dinner drink or finish in the same manner after your meal with a craft cocktail or two. If you'd like to order the beef tartare from our restaurant menu and enjoy at the bar with your Gin and Tonic – we'd be happy to oblige, or if you want to have our signature cocktail with gin, elderflower, fresh mint and lime, at the dinner table between courses that’s perfectly alright too.

No matter if you’re trying a new cocktail or you want to order your go-to drink, freshly squeezed juices, high quality ice from Sebastian at Iskompaniet (“the ice company”) and seasonal ingredients always do the trick. If you’re as much of a cocktail nerd as we are, we’d love to tell you more about the details - but if you just want to enjoy something simple yet tasty, we’ll let the flavours do the talking.

Gift Card

A really nice dinner could be one of the loveliest things you can be treated to - or spoil someone with. But sometimes you just don’t have enough time on your hands, or even the facilities to prepare an extraordinary dinner, and that’s absolutely fine.

For those occasions when you want to treat someone to a visit at our restaurant, we’ve got a gift card for you.


Find us

We are close to both Avenyn, Liseberg, Ullevi and Scandinavium, perfect for a visit before or after an event in the city center of Gothenburg. The easiest way to get here is by tram or bus to the Korsvägen or Scandinavium bus stops, both just a few minutes away.